Digital Poetry

DP on DB (Digital Poetry on Drunken Boat) is an attempt to present a brief cursory semi-incomplete glimpse into contemporary digital poetry (along with a classic, a few student works, and a couple outliers). It is both a compendium of works that responded to an open call and a few recent works that I personally find stimulating. No over-weening thematic guides its presence except a wish to be a tiny nourishing reservoir.

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Featuring work by: 

Abra: Amaranth Borsuk, Kate Durbin and Ian Hatcher 
Canty & Hynninen
J.R. Carpenter
Christopher Funkhouser
Zuzana Husárova
Heldén & Jonson
Daniel Howe
Jason Lewis
Louise Marois
Montfort & Strickland
Smith, Luers & Dean
Brian Kim Stefans
Steve Tomasula
Braxton Soderman
Michael Coppola
and  CHEN Qianxun

Curated by Jhave. 

See it here.

Jhave: digital poet, uses algorithms as aesthetic tools. His work reconciles computation, emotion, concepts, and the ancient idea of poet-artist as conduit. Current research: poetry generation using machine learning. Assistant Professor at School of Creative Media, City University of Hong Kong.